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Hadfield Consultants can help you generate income by benefiting from our unique blend of public and private experience, our position on GCloud and the Jisc Research and Development Consultancy Framework and knowing we’re already helping clients on their journey. We have a growing pool of associates with public and private sector backgrounds working across the capability areas outlined on this site (What We Do). We are members of the G-Cloud community (Digital Marketplace) and require highly talented, experienced and skilled experts to help our clients through their journey. If you would like to join Hadfield Consultants, as an associate, please fill in the form below and we will be in touch.

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Why become a client?

We work with government departments, other public service bodies and IT suppliers and so bring insight and experience from multiple perspectives. This sets us apart. We know we can help you on your journey, wherever you are and wherever you’re going. There’s plenty of reasons to work with us...
  • Strategy & Policy

    • We understand the public sector and HMG ‘ecosystem’ and recognise the realities of delivering policy change (using technology) within the context of budgetary and organisational pressures.
    • We understand and are involved in the government’s sourcing strategy in terms of the use of frameworks and other sourcing options (e.g. G Cloud/Government Digital Services) that are and will be relevant to your organisation.
    • We understand and are involved with the IT, SME and channel shift strategies government has developed.
    • We understand compliance within the public sector through legislation (DPA, FOI, PIA) and HMG security directives (CESG).
  • Outcomes

    • We have experience of implementing public sector ICT business change (DfE, Education Sector, cross-MHG shared services, Ofsted, Skills Funding Agency, Medical Research Council).
    • We help business and IT services deliver a joined-up user experience across business areas and organisations.
    • We help reduce the time to implement business change through ICT solutions.
    • We have developed departmental business cases with regards to the alignment of IT /business strategies and procurement strategies.
  • Value for money

    • We help reduce the cost of implementing, changing, and operating ICT solutions to meet business needs.
    • We help reduce the burdens and cost of procurement, contract and on-going service management for the delivery of new services.
    • We will ensure there is knowledge transfer from HCL to your organisation to help sustain expertise in the long term.
  • Market insight

    • We understand new and emerging approaches (e.g. ‘as a service’/SIAM/tower models) with regards to the deployment of technology services within data-rich organisations. We are used to helping organisations to assure the alignment of their Corporate Strategy, IT Strategy, procurement strategy and key programmes.
    • We have strong knowledge of the IT marketplace.
    • We also understand how IT suppliers think and act and therefore, for our public services clients, can recommend the appropriate ways with regards to how and when to engage with them to enable your IT and Corporate strategy.
  • Business success

    • All of the points above equate to a rich blend of expertise and insight that allow us to provide the right market and opportunity insight.
    • We also know how to win contracts and sustain relationships with public service organisations. From large national solutions to bite size solutions we know what works. We also know how to focus on the business that will suit your organisation and your financial targets.
    • Finally, we have an impressive partner knowledge network that is becoming increasingly valuable as new and vibrant partnerships take shape alongside the GCloud agenda.