The no9 Bus to Utopia

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Journeys are an essential part of our lives. They can be ones we take every day such as our journey to work, or intrepid adventures where we head out into the unknown. At the heart of all new journeys, whether for business or pleasure, is challenge and, ultimately, change.

A few years ago author David Bramwell challenged himself to a journey around the world’s most extraordinary communities. He visited an experimental city being built in the Arizona Desert, 
a spiritual community in Scotland and even one conceived by Aldous Huxley. Inspired by the people and places he saw, he returned to his home of Brighton with a desire to change. Not just himself but also his neighbourhood and city. He organised an event called ‘Zocalo’ in his local community and found a new way for thousands of people to make new and meaningful relationships with their neighbours.

The no9 Bus to Utopia is the inspiring and funny account of that journey. It is to be published by later this year.

Hadfield Consultants are proud to sponsor David’s journey-based book and new Cloud-based ways to publish the written word. Our ‘reason for being’ is to support our clients’ journeys and we also feel passionate about the role that the Cloud can play in changing the way we all (whether an author, a civil servant or private sector employee) publish, share and manage information. For these reasons we’re passionate about supporting Cloud innovation and journeys – The no9 Bus to Utopia and are therefore our perfect fit!

We’ll share more news as the publication of the no9 Bus to Utopia approaches.


Two years ago, John Mitchinson, co-creator of the highly successful TV series QI, embarked on a journey using the Cloud and crowdfunding to change the face of publishing. He set up which has since published such authors as Stephen Fry, Terry Jones and Jonathan Meades. Last year it won an award for innovation.

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