Richard Hadfield

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DSC_5245At BT, Richard led relationships with both the Department for Education and local authorities around education and children’s services and ran a cross BT team engaged in the Home Access initiative. He led Logica’s Education & Skills business and was responsible for the design and delivery of a new, common assessment service for the 360,000 people who work with children and young people, as well as helping to enable the changing nature of school, college and childcare regulation and inspection. He was a key figure in the delivery of a nationwide-shared service that provides a trusted source of qualification information for over 10 million users and an easier route to training, work placement or a job. He has worked with the digital-by-default organisation Go On, the Department for Education and Jisc as well as with various IT (Lockheed Martin, Steria, Resilient Plc, Stone Group, Secure Virtual) and consulting (Methods, PA Consulting) organisations.

Richard’s insight and experience has ensured change programmes, involving IT, have been successful on a short and long term basis. Richard is the Chair of TechUK’s Education Group and represents the hi-tech industry’s views to government around the curriculum, procurement and technology strategy